How to Fix Windows 10 Screen Auto Refresh

If you have just took advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade, you may have experienced two of these very annoying issues:

  • Screen automatically refreshes every few seconds
  • Control Panel and File Explorer automatically close

1. Screen automatically refreshes

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  • Right click Windows icon (first icon on task bar – bottom left)
  • Select Run
  • Type msconfig
  • Click OK
  • Click Services tab
  • Click on the Service column sort by service name
  • Scroll to look for the following services and uncheck them:
    • Windows Error Reporting
    • Problems Report and Solutions
  • Restart Windows

win-10-refresh-issue-1 win-10-refresh-issue-2



2. Control Panel and File Explorer automatically close

During the Windows 10 upgrade process, the IDT High Definition Audio Driver was replaced by a Microsoft driver. Hence now when you open Control Panel or File Explorer, it automatically closes in a second or less before you can carry out any tasks.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • Find and download the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (my download: Audio_IDT_W7_A03_Setup-8H18M_ZPE.exe)
  • Run the executable to install the driver
  • Confirm installation via Device Manager:
    • Right click Windows icon (bottom left on task bar)
    • Select Device Manager
    • Expand Sound, video and game controllers
    • Right click IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, and select Properties
    • Click on Driver tab
    • Confirm details of the driver you have just installed (driver provider, date and version)





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