Installing Ubuntu Server 11.10 with VMWare Player

Preparation for installation

1. Download VMWare Player 4.0.1 from

2. Download Ubuntu Server 11.10 from

Install VMWare Player 4.0.1

Run the download installer to install VMWare Player, i.e

Simply run this: VMware-player-4.0.1-528992 and install it to a location of your choice

Install Ubuntu Server 11.10

1. Download the installation file: ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64. I have chosen the 64 bits version.

2. Create a folder on the C drive to place your installation

3. Launch VMWare Player 4.0.1

4. Select Create a New Virtual Machine and follow the wizard to complete the installation:

Once installation has successfully completed, you will see the ubuntu login prompt:

Installing the Ubuntu Desktop

Login to ubuntu and issue the following commands to install the Ubuntu Desktop:

sudo apt-get update
  (Enter your ubuntu account password when prompted)
sudo apt-get –f install
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

After completing the above commands, you need to restart ubuntu. You should then see the following GUI logon prompt and desktop:

ubuntu-16  ubuntu-17

Congratulations! Ubuntu Server 11.10 and its GUI desktop has been installed.


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