Installing FarCry 5.0

FarCry is a ColdFusion-based open source web application framework developed by Daemon Internet Consultants in Sydney Australia. FarCry CMS is a plugin of this framework. More information on the framework can be found from the links in the web resources provided below.

Web Resources and References

Install Environment

  • Windows Vista Business with IIS 7.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005
  • Adobe ColdFusion 8.0.1

Steps at a glance

  1. Before you start
  2. Download and unpack the latest FarCry milestone release
  3. Create Database and Configure Access
  4. Setup ColdFusion Admin Datasource for FarCry
  5. Run the FarCry Installer

1. Before you start

Take note of these considerations:

  • Make sure you do not have a web mapping for /farcry (if you do, remove it now)
  • If you are installing farcry framework under the webroot, make sure you do not have a coldfusion mapping for /farcry
  • If there is no index.cfm under /farcry/ folder, then you will need to browse to /farcry/webtop/admin/ folder to kick off the installation

2. Download and unpack the latest FarCry milestone release

Visit this page and download the latest stable FarCry bundle:
The bundle will include the following:

  • FarCry Core Framework
  • FarCry CMS
  • FarCry GreyBox

Unpack it into a farcry folder the webroot folder. You should now have the following folders:

  • ./farcry/core,
  • ./farcry/plugins,
  • ./farcry/skeletons

After you have completed the installation, you will see the projects folder and your own project subfolder:

  • ./farcry/projects,
  • ./farcry/projects/

3. Create Database and Configure Access

We will be using Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 to create a blank database for the installation of FarCry.  Here are the steps:

  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Right click Databases and select New Database…
  • Enter farcry (or a name of your choice) for the Database name and click OK.
  • Expand Security and right click Logins to create a new login for ColdFusion to access this database as follows:
  1. Login name: usrFarCry
  2. Enter a password for the login
  3. Map farcry database to usrFarCry user
  4. Leave default schema as dbo
  • Browse to Databases > farcry > Security > Users
  • Right click Users and create a new user usrFarCry (same name as the login) to configure access to the farcry database
  • Ensure usrFarCry is selected as the login
  • Select properties of user usrFarCry and ensure the following database role membership is selected:
  1. db_datareader
  2. db_datawriter
  3. db_ddladmin

4. Setup ColdFusion Admin Datasource for FarCry

Follow these steps to setup a datasource in the ColdFusion Administrator for FarCry to access:

  • Log into the ColdFusion Administrator
  • Navigate to Data & Services > Data Sources
  • Type farcry in the Data Source Name, select MS SQL Server for Driver, and click Add
  • Enter farcry for Database Name and its Server Name. Leave the default port of 1433 for MS SQL Server
  • Enter usrFarCry for username and its password in their respective boxes. This is the user you created for granting access to the blank farcry database you have just created.
  • Hit Submit and if all is correct you should see an ‘OK‘ in the status column.

5. Run the FarCry Installer

To kick off the installer, browse to this page: http://localhost/farcry or Then following the wizard to complete the installation of FarCry.

  • For step 1, enter or select the following information:
  1. Project Description
  2. Project Folder Name
  3. Select the Locale
  • For Step 2, enter or select the following information:
  1. Enter the datasource you created in the ColdFusion Administrator
  2. Select the database type
  3. Select the appropriate schema, in most cases it is dbo
  • In Step 3, select the Project Skeleton (Mollio on a default install)
  • In Step 4, select the Plugins you want to install. I selected FarCry CMS and FarCry GreyBox
  • In Step 5, select the deployment configuration. I have selected Sub Directory. The other two options are Standalone and Advanced Configuration. See online documentation for explanation and instruction for setting them up.
  • In Step 6, the previous selections are displayed for you to confirm. If you’re happy with them, click Install Now to start the installation.
  • Once complete, you will get an Installation Success screen. From here you can do the following:
  1. Click Login to The FarCry WebTop to access the admin console
  2. Click View Site to view the website.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed FarCry!


One thought on “Installing FarCry 5.0

  1. Hey that’s a great run down on the install process — thanks for sharing. If you ever want to help us with the FarCry doco wiki just let me know 😉


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